What is an aerial lift

The construction industry is big business worldwide and is an especially big business in the United States. Currently, the United States has a 10% market share in the industry and is the second largest construction market in the world. With residential and commercial construction at the level it is, the construction industry as a whole is able to employ over 7 million people.

The construction industry is not limited to those who do the actual building. Those who manage the construction companies, insure them and do all of the financial work are included as well. Another aspect of the construction industry that might get overlooked by the outside observer is that of construction equipment. Maybe you’ve driven by a major construction site and seen a huge crane hoisting something up to the high floors of a building. Maybe you’ve seen a large tractor moving dirt alongside the road you’re traveling on. Different types of equipment are needed for different types of projects, and every job needs a rental company that can rent equipment that is right for the job at hand.

Equipment rentals are essential for construction companies that do not have a regular need for something like a large crane. To purchase something of that nature is cost prohibitive if it’s to be used only once in a while or for a short period of time. When a construction company has a need to rent equipment, it takes into account where the construction is to take place, what type of equipment will be needed. Equipment rental Baltimore style is going to be quite a bit different from rentals in San Francisco, for example.

Construction equipment is slighlty different all around the world, and that is one of the things that makes the industry so unique. The global market for construction equipment was sized at approximately $145.5 billion dollars in 2015. When a city like Rio de Janeiro in Brazil gets awarded the World Cup Soccer Tournement in 2014 and then the Summer Olympic Games in 2016, the construction indistry gets a huge boost. Getting a city like Rio de Janeiro ready for hosting such global events requires new buildings, stadiums and al kinds of additional structures. This is a big event for the construction industry in general and equipment rental in particular.

Equipment rental for Rio de Janeiro will focus on very specific kinds of construction methods, methods that will call for specific construction equipment rental. Equipment rental Baltimore companies use, for example, might fuction in similar ways, but won’t come from the same rental campany. Equipment rental for Philadelphia projects, on the other hand, will likely share the same type equipment rental Baltimore companys employ.

If you don’t work ing the construction industry, you might have a difficult time understanding where the equipment comes from for a certain project. All you know is, when the project is done, you hope it will be as beautiful as they say and that your traffic commute will return to normal.

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