The fireplace serves an essential function in the home since it generates heat that keeps the home warm and comfortable during winter. That said, due to regular use, it takes some upkeep to keep the fireplace clean and secure. The YouTube video “Three Benefits of Chimney Sweep and Repair in Philadelphia” highlights some benefits of hiring a chimney sweep and repair service.

The first benefit of routine chimney cleaning is that it stops a fire outbreak from spreading from the fireplace to other areas of the house. Most chimneys become clogged by creosote, a naturally occurring tar-like material that is extremely flammable and accumulates from burning wood.

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Uncontrolled fire outbreaks have the potential to cause the house significant harm.

Additionally, if the chimney isn’t properly cleaned or maintained, carbon monoxide—a harmful gas produced during fuel burning—can slowly collect in the house and cause headaches, nausea, fainting, and dizziness at even low levels.
Lastly, a buildup of soot in the flue stops smoke from rising into the chimney and exiting the house, instead causing it to fill the space. Routine cleaning by a chimney sweep service prevents such an occurrence.


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