Who knew such a seemingly mundane job could be so dangerous? That’s right, roof contractors are considered to have one of the most dangerous professions there is. That’s due to the height, heat, and materials you’ll run into on the job. If you’re considering going into the roofing business, consider these factors.

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When working on a roof, you’ll most often be at least one or two stories in the air. This means slip, trip, and fall hazards are magnified even more than in the average workplace. A fall from a one-story building may not seem especially deadly, but an injury can be severe if you land the wrong way.

Extreme heat is also a factor when working on a roof. Even in mild weather, asphalt tiles absorb the sun’s rays, making them incredibly hot to the touch. Not only can you get burned in this business, but you also risk dehydration if you don’t have a source of water nearby. If you don’t have enough water, you could faint and end up falling.

Finally, asbestos is an ever-present danger to be aware of. Even though homes are no longer built with asbestos, roofers could find themselves working on older homes, exposing them to dangerous materials. Exposure doesn’t make itself known for years, as it slowly develops into mesothelioma. This is why roofers must always be alert and aware of their surroundings so they can be as safe as possible.

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