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You are anxious for this afternoon’s appointment.
After being in your home for 20 years, you are finally ready to make some updates. From the worn and dull spots in the wood kitchen floors to the outdated cupboard fronts, the first goal of the renovation plan is to work on the kitchen remodeling design. And while the basic layout of the space is great, you have many changes that you want to make. In addition to getting the floor refinished and selecting new cupboards, you also want to replace the major appliances. You have already picked out a stove top that you love, so all that is left is to select a coordinating microwave and refrigerator. You have not yet decided if you are going to replace the entire dishwasher, or just buy a new front panel and have it painted the correct shade.
Are You Planning a Major Remodeling Project at Your Home?
Whether you are simply planning to upgrade the appliances in your kitchen or you are looking at model sunrooms to find the perfect idea for a breakfast nook, home renovation plans take a lot of energy and can actually require a great amount of patience.
Bathroom and kitchen remodeling plans are some of the most popular changes that people make to their homes. And even when these projects are expensive, home owners get a substantial Return on Investment (ROI) from the improvements that they make. In fact, bathroom additions offer an average of 86.4% ROI and even a minor kitchen remodel has an average ROI of 82.7%.
Consider some of these other facts and figures about the home improvement industry and the benefits this industry can offer:

  • The number of homeowners who reported completing two maintenance or repair projects in 2016 jumped almost 12% when compared to the year 2015.
  • 87% of homeowners enlisted the help of a professional during their kitchen renovation project, according to the 2016 HOUZZ Kitchen Trends Study.
  • 76% of homeowners change the style of their kitchen during their kitchen remodeling renovation project.
  • 90% homeowners indicate that they are changing the style of their master bathroom during their planned upgrade.
  • Bathroom remodeling is the job most requested in the U.S., accounting for 78% of renovations, according to a survey by the National Association of Home Builders.
  • 36% of remodeling jobs are in an effort to make property damage repairs.

Whether you are embarking on your first home improvement project or your last, finding the right general contractor and professional restoration services can help you reach the goals that you have in mind. Home remodeling projects can turn your older home into a whole new place.

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