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Sometimes, a business must find a customized solution. A business owner might not have the time or funds to start a project over to try and meet standard screw requirements. Custom screw options allow a business to produce the products they need without making any sacrifices. In this post, you will learn about a few types of popular custom screws. If you are in need of custom screws, there are companies that offer a wide range of solutions for your assembly line.

  • SEMS Screws: These screws combine two separated parts into a single fastener. Washers are placed under the head of SEMS screws. These screws provide a fast and versatile solution to a wide array of applications. Combining a screw and washer together is great for fast assembly times. These screws get their name from their arrival being partially preassembled.
  • PT Screws: This screw has a 30 degree angled thread. A thread that is angled helps to reduce stress on the object. In addition, PT screws have a better material flow because of its axis is slightly higher than normal. These screws are great for thread engagement without a heavy amount of stress on materials. However, there are additional types of PT screws that are available that offer additional functionality.
  • Delta PT Screws: Some view the Delta PT screw as a step up from regular PT screws. When looking at similar diameters, the Delta screw has about 50 percent more tensile strength. These screws also help to optimize the flow of materials and can provide a longer fatigue life than other options. Delta PT screws have a larger cross section that helps with increasing how strong a fastener will be.
  • In closing, there are quite a few custom screw options available for a business. The smallest of products can usually find custom manufactured micro screws to fit them. In many cases, custom screw options are far less expensive than what a business owner might fear they are. Custom set screws give a business the freedom to produce products that match their needs. No matter which screw type you choose, custom screws are great for allowing a business to produce the product they want to make.

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