This video from American Window Concepts shares some important thoughts on the different types of salespeople that sell windows. Bulk windows and door options are not the type of windows and doors that you want to be installed in your home. Bulk window and doors can be of lesser quality.

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Unfortunately, some salespeople are more focused on the sale than on meeting the customer’s expectations.

This video talks about some sales tactics that you should look at when you are buying windows and doors. The presenter gives examples that should send up a red flag and make you dial back the process before you make a decision to buy.

Learn some of the shady sales tactics that a salesperson that does not have your best interest first will use. For example, if the salesperson offers you a good for today only deal, be wary. It is interesting to learn about some of the tactics that are used to sell windows. It is valuable information that you can apply to buy windows, doors, and more. Watch the video to become a savvy consumer.


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