In this YouTube video, the presenter gives tips and advice on organic lawn care.

There are many advantages of organically treating your law. Such lawns tend to have a better appearance. They tend to be healthier and stay so for longer.

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This is because organic products build up your soil so that it can resist stressors like fungal, disease, weeds, insects, and drought much better than synthetically treated lawns.

You may have made the choice to go organic in order to secure the safety of family and pets. This is a perfectly legitimate reason. However, you should not get carried away and assume that all organic products you buy are 100% safe. Every product comes with warning labels, and you should always read and follow them.

The presenter gives three main tips. The first is that you should use synthetic treatments in the beginning. Such treatments can help kick start lawn growth if you have an especially thin lawn that has been overrun by weeds. You should use synthetics smartly in an integrated pest-management way. The presenter calls this hybrid-organic lawn care.

The next thing to keep in mind is mowing. You must mow your lawn consistently, as it stimulates growth. Lastly, you must put down fresh grass seed every spring and fall.

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