Did you know that your carpet contains many harmful things that you can’t see with your naked eye? From mold to pollen to harmful pathogens. Frequent carpet cleaning is necessary, not just for aesthetics, but to keep the indoor air quality at optimum levels and to get rid of tiny microbes.

Cleaning a carpet extends its life, eliminates odors, and protects you as the cleaning removes allergens, mold, and germs. A rug conditioner is formulated to soften and restore fibers, prevent them from drying out, and help extend their lifespan.

An automatic carpet washing machine is used in a commercial carpet cleaning business, and thoroughly deep cleans and dries the carpet, making it look vibrant and fresh.

The difference between the Hoover Smartwash vs Power Scrub, two popular carpet cleaners, is that the Smartwash has automatic cleaning technology, but with the Power Scrub, you can use different cleaning modes depending on your needs. The Power Scrub has a bigger tank capacity, but a shorter chord.

Ensure you keep your carpets clean for a healthier and safer environment at home. Find out if you can use non-toxic cleaners over chemical substances or a zero cleaner. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when it comes to cleaning and maintenance of your carpets.

The term carpet comes from the Old Italian word “carpire” which means to pluck. Most people like to have some sort of carpet in their house, but it is essential to keep it clean. In spite of the phrase, “to sweep this under the carpet,” first recorded in 1963, it is very important to prevent the spread of house molds like Stachybotrys chartarum which causes immunosuppressiona and other sicknesses. When a carpet is properly cleaned, the quality of air can be improved because the carpet can trap dust and allergens.

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