Many components make a house or commercial building functional and comfortable to be in, from its heating and air conditioning to the windows and doors to the roof over everyone’s heads. A good roof will do more than keep the elements out; it also prevents leaks from getting into the building, and it will also resist intrusions from squirrels or other wildlife. It will even work as part of the climate control and maintain the building’s inner temperature so that the heating and air conditioning are not overworked due to lost warm or hot air. Newly installed roofs will be in great shape and have modern construction methods in place, and a newly built house or other building may have a perfect roof. But if a person owns their home for a long time, that roof may wear out over time, and someone who buys a very old house will face a number of maintenance issues, which are bound to include the roof. Products such as flat roof coating, floor coatings, deck primer, and much more will protect the roof and a home’s interior and landscaping from water damage and more to keep everything in good shape for years to come.

Problems That Houses May Face

Knowing when to apply flat roof coating or deck sealant means knowing what can go wrong with these surfaces in or near a house. The roof and a deck will be exposed to a lot of water due to rain during the year or melting snow; in fact, an average roof will collect just over 600 gallons of water after just one inch of rainfall, and one-eighth of an inch of rain will fill up a 54 gallon rain barrel. What does this mean for roofs and the home? If the roof is in good shape, and the gutters too, then all this water will be kept out of the home and it will be safely diverted away thanks to the roof and gutters. But if the gutters are clogged, for example, rain water will build up in a huge pool on the roof, and this excess water might leak into the home if it does not have enough sealant and other products to keep leaks out. Leaks will cause real problems for the home; for one thing, that water can rot and expand wooden surfaces in the attic, and this water may also damage drywall, which means even more repairs will be needed. On top of that, leaking water can short out electrical components in the house, leading to even more repairs. The deck, meanwhile, may suffer under heavy rain if it does not have deck sealant or other products, and the wood may rot and expand as a result of so much expose, and no homeowner wants that. What can be done?

Sealant for the House and Deck

Hardware stores and suppliers know that homeowners are always looking for ways to protect their home from water and other ill effects, and for that reason, homeowners can find all sorts of products at their local hardware store, and construction and home repair or renovation contractor crews can use these products as well during their work. EDPM is one such product. It is a highly durable synthetic rubber roofing membrane, and low-slope roofs often get treated with it. Ethylene and propylene are its two main ingredients, both derived from natural gas, and the EDPM general formula has changed very little in the past 30 years, demonstrating that it is highly effective. Flat roof coating with EDPM and similar products can help keep rain water out.

Flat roof coating can be done by a homeowner with the physical skills to get it done, and other homeowners may contact crews nearby who will arrive at the home and apply flat roof coating with professional care. Crews may also be hired to treat a wooden deck, or they may be hired to treat the carpets or concrete floors in the home just in case rain water manages to leak in anyway. A basement’s floor can be treated for water from floods, heavy rain, or compromised plumbing in the home. This can save money and trouble in the long run for any homeowner.

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