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It’s unfortunate that when there’s a cold snap, many people experience issues with their heat. It’s no fun finding out that you need heating repair when the temperatures have dropped to freezing levels. Whether that involves calling someone for furnace repair services or coming to look into boiler repair, it’s always a pain. Some HVAC experts report that as many as three-quarters of no-heat calls that happen during the winter months are because the proper maintenance hasn’t been done over the course of the year. So how can you make sure that you don’t run into this issue this winter? How can you create a more energy efficient house if you’re worried about steadily rising heating bills? And if you do need heating repair, how do you find a reliable heating repair service?

How Can I Keep From Needing Heat Repair?


One of the best ways to keep your heat running efficiently is to make sure that you’re conducting the proper maintenance over the course of the year. Get your heating systems inspected at the end of the cold months or during the summer before you start using it again. Systems might need to be cleaned out, parts could use repair, and it’s worth bearing in mind that boilers generally only last between 15-30 years. If your boiler is older, you might want to check into getting a new one in the next few years.

Check Efficiency

This can tie into maintenance, but it’s worth having someone come and check to see how efficient your heating system is. If it’s inefficient, it can result in higher bills and poor results on your end, but can also be taking a toll on your heating system.

Replace Old Systems

If you know your heating system is getting older, it’s worth starting to save up for a new one, to avoid emergency repairs or unexpected costly repairs. At a certain point, it’ll simply be more cost-effective to simply replace the system entirely.

How Can I Keep Heating Bills Down in the Winter?
Small Holes and Cracks
Patching up holes or cracks in your home can not only keep your house warmer, but keep your bills down. A quarter of the heat in your home escapes through these cracks and holes. If you feel a draft, follow it and see if you can fix it. Even putting a rolled towel by a drafty door can help.

Bundle Up
Of course you want to keep your home at a reasonable temperature, but do you need the heat cranked up to 75 degrees, even when you’re not home? Definitely not. For every two degrees you can take your thermostat down by, you’ll save around 5% on your heating bills. If you’re leaving for the day, turn that thermostat way down, and just bundle up at home. A few extra layers never hurt anyone!

Energy Efficient Systems

Having an energy efficient heating system can also reduce your heating costs. You’ll spend less in energy costs, but still maintain the quality you’re used to.

How Do I Find a Reliable Heating Repair Service?

Checking around with friends and family or acquaintances in the area is a great first step. Personal recommendations are always the way to go if you can get them. Likely the recommender has used this service before and had a good experience.

However, if no one has suggestions for you, it’s time to do some research. You want to make sure the service you’re contacting has licensed professionals with plenty of experience in handling your particular kind of heating system. Know what brands they work with and ask for a few different quotes from various companies to compare. Check into their certifications as well and see if you can get references from them.

These are all measures that will safeguard you and make sure that you’re getting a quality repair service.

Don’t be caught unprepared this winter. Make sure that your heating system has been checked out and is ready to weather the winter with you.

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