Dc contemporary furniture

Americans spend 63 billion USD on furniture. What that figure does not tell you is that furniture caters to a broad range of tastes, from traditional Victorian to French to contemporary. Theodores and other stores sell the contemporary furniture dc area residents are looking for. Not only does Theodores offer DC contemporary furniture, but they also offer a piece of artwork that is perfect for the sophisticated urbanite.

The modern furniture dc stores like Theodores offers have a rich history stretching thousands of years. The Egyptians made very early tables, but these were mostly stone platforms to keep food off the floor. Medieval Europe saw the introduction of the chair, but only nobles and the high borne had chair, while their subjects sat in perches or stools.

Modern furniture as we know it evolved just before the Enlightenment. In 1691, as chairs became available to the masses, Charles Augustin d’Aviler wrote a manual that delineated a more formal room for guests with one for family life, or living room. One object found in a living room is a sofa, which can also be called a divan, Chesterfield, or Davenport. Even then, furniture had centuries before it evolved more.

Today, Dc modern furniture is available to all urbanites, both through Theodores and other stores. Whether to lavish an apartment in one of the many DC neighborhoods, or decorate a modern home in Maryland or Northern Virginia, Theodores and other stores cater to those needs. Having developed relationships with the premier designers of modern furniture, Theodores and other stores offer only the best of modern furniture, and at a price reasonable to the product.

Furniture has evolved greatly since the most ancient days. Once a necessity to keep food safe, then a luxury for nobles, modern furniture is now accessible to anyone. Theodores and other stores can help you furnish a home, office or other space. In your own way, Theodores and other stores help you carry on the legacy modern furniture provides.

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