Congratulations! You’ve finally made the decision to change your backyard and improve your property’s curb appeal. However, you shouldn’t be satisfied with a generic landscape design. You need a landscaping service that can offer you a project that mixes your desires with natural elements that will complement your home and increase its value.

Every homeowner should understand how essential their gardens are for their property, whether they’re planning to sell or not. Inspired landscaping is meant to improve your house’s appearance, meaning you should know how to make the most out of your new landscaping project. First, you have to find the right company that offers a free landscape design consultation. Looking at portfolios is not enough sometimes, and you should know that they can work according to your specifications. Tip: be open to suggestions as well.

Landscaping ideas for acreage aren’t easy because a garden needs to be balanced. Not every corner should be covered in bushes and flowers, which is why an initial consultation is so critical. Once you’ve approved a design, you can begin, but not before learning the many advantages this type of professional work can provide. Let’s discover how to make the most of your acreage landscaping design project.



Design is a natural way of expressing yourself through your surroundings. Interior design fleshes out the inside of your home and portrays your personality through tables, chairs and throw rugs. Exterior design, also known as landscape design, is a way of crafting nature to your liking. With such a big canvas, it can be hard to know where to begin first. Should you opt for greener lawns or try something more extravagant in the backyard? Whatever you choose is time well spent, because there is a lot to be enjoyed in the aftermath of a good landscape design project. Allow the list below to count the ways.

No Home Is Complete Without A Little ROI

Selling your home in a few years? Perhaps just considering it? Landscape design will make sure that, whatever you end up doing, it’s a foregone conclusion. Landscaping has been proven to increase your home’s resale value by nearly 15%. How does this work? It improves your home’s curb appeal, for one, and makes it stand out in a crowded real estate market. It also gives potential buyers more homeowning aspects to be invested in, boosting the likelihood they’ll want to stick around for good.

Let Mother Nature Guide You Down The Right Path

Shrubbery and lush, green lawns are more than just for show (though they certainly don’t hurt). They also help clean up the air and create a healthy environment for you and your neighbors to live in. A recent survey found over 80% of Americans believing a healthy yard is an important element of their home. Another 90% of respondents in the same study said it’s also vital to keep their yard well-maintained. Lawns trap harmful pollutants, dust and pollen, perfect if you have allergies or just want to watch your health.

Real Estate Agents Are Always Keen On Landscaping

You know landscape design and nice lawns will improve your ROI. Real estate agents know your landscape design will improve your ROI. No matter which side of the fence you’re on (metaphorically or literally), everyone stands to benefit. Landscaping will decrease the amount of time your home is floating in a sea of competition and a recent survey saw 90% of real estate agents encouraging homeowners to invest in a landscape designer. Even just 5% of your home’s value on a new lawn or improved driveway will put you in great standing.

Invest In A New Hobby And Reap The Emotional Rewards

Saving money is great. It’s fantastic, even. But as the saying goes? Money isn’t everything. Why not invest in something that will fulfill you as much as it will your neighbor or agent? The majority of homeowners who choose to touch up their outdoor spaces prefer to start with the backyard at 65%. These can be substantial improvements like adding new building structures or paving a quaint little sidewalk. They can also be minor additions, like sprucing up those yellow patches in the lawn that clash with the decor. Yet more are choosing to install a garden to give themselves a relaxing hobby when the weekend rolls in.

Make Sure You Have Fun

You’re giving your house a much-needed overhaul or a long-needed touch-up. Enjoy yourself! You’ll be rolling in positives after getting around to that project you keep pushing back on your to-do list. Your home’s resale value will get a fantastic boost, drastically reducing the amount of time it’s in real estate limbo when you put it up for sale. Investing in lawn care and a few new plant additions will clear up your air and even reduce noise pollution, a perfect choice for those who live in noisy areas. Lastly? You can install a garden, pool or gazebo to give yourself the new hobby you’ve always wanted.

Landscape design is your personality translated into physical form. Make the most of it!

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