Today’s competitive real estate market requires valuable properties to give a greater return on investment. As a homeowner, you may think of grabbing tools from your store and getting your hands dirty for a few days. Would it sound good? Yes, on savings, but not on property value improvement. You must look for residential renovation companies to hire if you want to live in or sell a fully functional and attractive home.

Why Maintain Your House

A well-maintained home will save you much on repairs. On the other hand, an aesthetically attractive home will save you from losing potential buyers. Offering the lowest price in your neighborhood will not create a lasting impression. Many buyers will not admit to putting more money and effort into a project after the lengthy purchasing process.

So, what professionals should you consider before hiring residential renovation companies for your home value improvement? Below we delve deeper into the various professionals you will need.


The exterior is the first thing a potential buyer will see while viewing the home. Secondly, the buyer will check on the interior paint job. And if your property looks shabby, ugly, and old with cobwebs, the buyer will quickly reduce their offer or turn away. A fresh coat will liven up your home, increasing its value. How will professional painters help you?

A professional painter will allow you to express your ideas and advise you accordingly. The painter will advise you on the interior house paint and the exterior looks based on your yard or home decor. This creates a great impression on the potential buyer.

Moreover, a professional painter will practice safety, especially if you have kids at home. You will also get recommendations for the best paint suppliers and save time with their job tools. And most important, the painters are licensed and insured. So, in case of an accident, you’ll be covered.


Roof Advisor suggests replacing asphalt shingles every 15 to 30 years. For wood shingles, they can last for 25 to 30 years, while rubber roofs can serve you for 30 to 50 years. According to Roof Advisor’s report, metal roofs are the best because they can serve for 50 to 75 years. However, roofs need regular inspection for cracks and other wear.

When searching for residential renovation companies to hire, look for their residential roofers‘ past projects and their reviews. Residential roofing services require professionals to inspect and identify leaks or cracks. This is one of the home improvement tasks that require many skills to identify weak points on roofs with ceilings in the interior.

What steps should roofers take once their visit your home for roof maintenance?

  • Check for the interior signs of roof problems like leakages
  • Check for the accumulated dirt and debris on the rooftop. Most companies have drones that make the inspection easier and save time
  • Check the roof surface for weathering after cleaning the debris
  • Inspect the expansion joints for cuts, gaps, and tears
  • Inspect the gutters and clogged drains
  • Check the exterior structural components like the chimneys, skylight, and vents

Another benefit of hiring professional roofers is that they will advise you on the best roofing materials in the market. So, if the old repairs are not professionally done, they will restore your home’s value by fixing the whole roof.

Countertop Installers

Upon inspecting a few exterior and interior components, a potential buyer will likely check the kitchen’s functionality. The countertops carry the sinks and provide a cooktop. And these are the fundamental elements of a kitchen. Moreover, countertops have other uses, like cleaning, cutting, and mixing various foods. They are also used for resting pans and hot pots and storing small kitchen appliances.

Countertops are prone to acids; therefore, you should be very careful when handling acidic foods. For instance, citrus juice, wine, vinegar, etc., touches the surface and degrades the seals. And the vulnerable underneath stone gets more stains.

As such, a damaged countertop can turn away a potential buyer. Suppose it has served you for years, and you want to give the kitchen a new look; consider granite countertop installation or upgrade with professional installers. The professionals know about mixing the polishing powder and polishing to restore your countertop rather than replacing it.

Here is a simple process that professionals should perform to restore your granite countertop:

  • Scrub to remove any oil and dirt from the surfaces. Acetone helps to take care of any remaining contaminants
  • Mix equal amounts of two epoxy materials to cover the gaps on the surface
  • Apply a granite sealer over the damaged surface


Pavers are essential professionals when looking for residential renovation companies to hire. Pavements are outdoor floors or superficial surface coverings. Imagine having a beautiful, well-painted home but lacking pavements leading to various locations. That wouldn’t give an aesthetic look at first sight.

Pavements consist of sidewalks, driveways, or parking areas. In most homes, pavements lead to structures like garages, sheds, or backyards. Although it’s difficult to come up with percentage figures of the value the pavement can add, it’s estimated to add 5 to 10% at the lowest.

Rather, the exact value is determined by the overall home space and the condition—for instance, the number of parking spaces, driveways, and walkways. However, doing pavements isn’t just laying the materials to cover the dirt. Instead, it involves hiring professional paving contractors.

When searching for residential renovation companies to hire, go for the companies with a portfolio. Ideally, be specific and check their paver’s past projects and reviews. Professional pavers should do paving projects with drainage in mind. You don’t need a driveway that water will pool during rainy or winter seasons. Note that good drainage defines the durability of the pavement since the laid material won’t sink in the wet soil.

Finally, modern pavers have experience in various paving materials like asphalt, concrete, stones, and tiles. As such, they will advise you on which material suits your homestead. Moreover, they would recommend you to the best paving material suppliers in the region.


According to a report, the average tree planting cost is between $150 and $1850. The national average cost is estimated to be $300. Trees are a great way to improve the yard’s look and add to the home’s value. However, trees are prone to diseases and pests that can degrade their value or affect their health.

According to the United States Department of Agriculture, disease symptoms vary depending on the tree type. So, what’s the best solution to maintain your yard’s beauty and value? Hire an arborist. Unlike the pavers, you wouldn’t easily find arborists in all renovation companies. Ideally, when looking for residential renovation companies to hire, check if they have an arborist because it would save you money. You will have all renovation services offered by one company and stand a chance to get good offers.

A professional arborist maintains the trees for human safety and tree health. If they notice infection symptoms in a tree, they treat it to avoid spreading it. But if the tree poses many risks, they can opt for tree removal. Normally, arborists will help you identify the causes of most tree diseases in the homestead.

Rotting stumps around the homestead can be a breeding ground for pests that later infest the trees. Stump grinding costs will apply depending on the company and the number of stumps in the homestead. In most services, stumps are removed using a special wood chipper. The machine grinds the stump into mulch beneath the soil, which decays underneath the solid to add nutrients for other trees. Apart from hiding pests, stumps can injure humans, especially children.

HVAC Professionals

HVACs provide a good indoor environment through ventilation and filtration. You may have appealing decor and a well-painted indoor, but if mold and mildew grow inside due to poor ventilation, that would be a big turnoff. Poorly maintained HVACs can consume much energy or incur many repair costs.

AC maintenance can range from $75 to $200 per year. Maintenance costs are unavoidable; most potential buyers will be comfortable with them. But if the system needs repairs, you may pay $2000 to $3000 for most complex parts. As such, a potential buyer will inspect the AC or request maintenance records.

Suppose the system needs to be better maintained; the buyer will invest more money to repair it. Hire a professional to advise you on which HVAC system will heat and cool your home efficiently. Eventually, you will have a fully functional system running efficiently that will rank your home higher than your competitors.

Bathroom Renovation Contractors

Bathroom renovation contractors are other groups of professionals you must consider when looking for residential renovation companies to hire. Bathrooms are the most vital areas of our homes. But also the area with the highest moisture. That said, mold and mildew can accumulate, damaging the tiles or other materials used for flooring.

To keep your home valuable and clean, you must ventilate the bathrooms. On the other hand, bathroom remodel is essential when most components, like showers, wear. You can do remodeling after every 7 to 10 years, as advised by experts.

On the other hand, if you want to increase the whole home’s beauty, you must do a bathroom renovation. This involves restoring the whole bathroom. Bathroom experts are a group of tiling experts, plumbers, and electricians.


When finding residential renovation companies to hire, you wouldn’t boast of finding a reliable company without a landscape contractor. Landscaping is one of the most cost-effective options to raise a home’s value before advertising it for sale. Experts say it can increase a home’s value from 5.5% to 12.7%, depending on the landscaping type.

A potential buyer will look for all benefits they would enjoy by purchasing your home. And landscaping has economic, health, environmental, and social advantages. Here we outline benefits under each category:

Economic Benefits

  • Increases the home’s value
  • Reduces your property’s time on the market since it’s attractive to prospective purchasers
  • Reduces heating and cooling costs because trees naturally control the outdoor environment

Health Benefits

  • Trees filter pollutants and provide cleaner air
  • Landscapes foster an active lifestyle around a home
  • It forms a beautiful environment to lower stress levels

Environmental Benefits

  • Reduces stormwater runoff, therefore, controlling flooding
  • Control temperature extremes in summer and winter
  • Erosion control along the waterways
  • Reduces evaporation and soil degradation

Social Benefits

  • Forms green buffer zones for livability
  • Reduces local noise
  • Attractive environment for relaxing and entertaining

Professional landscapers will advise you on the trees and other effective landscaping materials for the above benefits. That said, you must be very keen when looking for residential renovation companies to hire. The company must have experienced landscapers; the best way to find them is through online reviews or recommendations from people around you.

Interior Flooring Experts

Old, musty carpeting and discolored tiles will not do your home any favor. The floor is one of the first things a potential buyer checks immediately when viewing the home. Why? The flooring carries the overall interior beauty. So, the floor must be contemporary, clean, and stylish. This will attract buyers because they will invest less money in flooring afterward.

Once you find a few potential residential renovation companies to hire, you can discuss the most cost-effective flooring for your home. Ideally, hardwood flooring is perennially popular and easy to maintain. Experts argue they have the highest resale value. But you need a flooring expert to install and maintain them. Else, the buyer will check on the flaws and immediately lower their bid.

Moreover, the experts will advise you on the most attractive and high-quality carpet to create a warm atmosphere potential clients cannot resist.

Home Cleaners and Organizers

After all the renovation work is done, the property is left messy. Imagine the wood dust, wooden pieces, concrete dust, and chippings. You must organize your home to look attractive. Since the exercise takes considerable time and effort, you must look for a reliable contractor to do it for you.

Check for the cleaners and organizers on their website when looking for residential renovation companies to hire. You will save money by hiring one company to offer renovation and cleaning services.

Before deciding which residential renovation companies to hire for your home, list the services you need first. Approaching each task at a time will cost you more money because you may need different contractors. Luckily, modern companies offer service packages. And by the end of the project, you will enjoy the value of your investment.

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