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Are you concerned about your family’s exposure to radon gas? It is a scary substance that is very dangerous to people’s health. It has been found to cause at least 20,000 deaths from lung cancer every year, according to te United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Office of the Surgeon General. The Surgeon General has even said that radon gas exposure is the second leading cause of lung cancer after smoking. If your home gas high radon levels, you will need to find a good radon mitigation company.

  1. Talk to your friends and family. Because radon gas can be found all over and has been detected in so many American homes (the EPA says one in 15 homes in the United States has levels that should be treated), the chances that you know someone who has used a radon mitigation company. The best way to get quality goods and services is to get a personal recommendation. Ask how they found the company and what the experience working with them was like.
  2. Call the EPA. The agency maintains lists of local radon radon mitigation and abatement services that they have approved. The EPA is a great resource for these kinds of things. They can be a real help if you need these services.
  3. Check the radon mitigation company’s reputation. Once you have the names of a new radon mitigation companies, you should look them up. What is their reputation like? What are people saying about them online? companies that provide good services will build up a good reputation over time. The company you hire should have a great reputation. You cannot smell, taste or see radon gas so you need to be able to trust the radon mitigation company.
  4. Ask about the radon mitigation company’s experience. One of the top things you should look for in a radon mitigation company is the amount of experience they have helping people rid their homes of the dangerous gas. You have to work only with companies that have a lot of experience because getting rid of radon gas is a complicated process. The companies with the most experience will also be able to guarantee their work. This is very important for your peace of mind.
  5. Make sure the radon mitigation company has the right insurance and certification. It is always wise to work only with radon mitigation and abatement service companies that have all of the right insurance coverage, appropriate certifications and have been licensed. You should ask the company about these things but them make sure you verify everything that they tell you. You should not take their word for it. The insurance is an important issue as if there are liability issues that come up as a result of their work, you do not want to be responsible.
  6. Get a few quotes. While the price tag associated with radon mitigation should not be the number one factor, you do not need to be ripped off to keep your family safe from the dangerous gas. Get a few quotes, in writing, and you can get a sense for what the general prices are for radon mitigation and abatement services. Keep in mind that there is no standardized prices, there can be a lot of variations in the prices. Also, the highest price may not indicate the best service and the lowest may cost you more in the long run. Go with a company in the middle.
  7. What is their customer service like? You should ask a lot of questions before you hire a radon mitigation company and they should be willing to answer them. You want to hire a company that cares about addressing all of the concerns its customers have. If they are not willing to take the time to answer your questions before you become a customer, they will not make the time once you have hired them. You also may need follow up services so you need to know they will provide them.

Radon gas is very scary because it is invisible, has no taste nor smell. Because it is so dangerous, you need to hire the best radon abatement and mitigation service you can.



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