Homes are a huge investment, and often, a homeowner may decide that his or her house could stand to have a new look, or even have rooms rearranged, created, or merged together. The kitchen and bedroom are two often-used rooms in the house, although changing their interiors can be different jobs entirely. For the kitchen, anything from the cabinets to the countertop and arrangement of furniture can be customized, and the furniture in a bedroom ca be upgraded for a fresh, comfortable new look. Cabinets and drawers are one particular area to focus on; they can be customized more than some homeowners may realize, and cabinet locks, cabinet lighting, and more can easily be done. Dresser drawer locks may be installed onto a dresser to prevent children from climbing inside, or to keep the contents safe in case of burglary. Having dresser drawer locks, or childproof locks on drawers or dressers, can keep things safe for the whole household.

Remodel the Kitchen

If a homeowner chooses to remodel the kitchen, there are some steps to take before and during the process so it is affordable and goes smoothly. According to The Washington Post, the whole process can be broken down into several steps, and this can include work on the cabinets and drawers, such as new drawer slides or getting new cabinet security.

First, the homehowner should sketch out the layout of the kitchen’s new design, and keeping some appliances such as gas stoves in place can reduce costs and labor, since rearranging gas pipes or electrical wires can vastly complicate things. The overall visual theme should also be decided now, such as rustic, Italian, seaside, or anything else. The homeowner can then draft a list of jobs to be done, such as installing new cabinets, putting locks on cabinets, replacing the counter top, changing the tiles, and more. new appliances and supplies can even be ordered well ahead of time, and homeowners can always look out for sales.

Cabinets can easily cost a lot, especially with big brand names, so the homeowner is encouraged to choose a brand or materials alone, and save on costs. The cabinets should still be good quality, and the wood and locks should work well. Then, for the project as a whole, the homeowner can contact multiple contractors and get their bids, and a bid that is a good price but not too cheap (they may do low quality work) will land a contracting job. In fact, some big retailers can provide names of local contractors. And the more details are already decided upon before the bidding, the more accurate the price estimates can be.

The Bedroom

A bedroom will not have appliances such as a sink, oven, or refrigerator to consider when remodeling, which saves a lot of effort, but the bedroom is very personal space in the home, and it is worth investing in. Often, dressers and bedside tables with drawers can be found here, and anything from designer clothes to jewelry and watches to expensive electronic devices may be stored here. Keeping children and, potentially, burglars, away from these things is important. Dresser drawer locks can be installed even in a dresser that did not come with them. A hardware store can provide kits and materials for installing these locks, and with the right power tools, a hole can be cut into the drawer’s wood, and the dresser drawer locks can be installed. As long as the owner keeps track of the keys, the drawer’s contents can be protected.

Dressers and bedside tables may also be replaced with newer models, for a new aesthetic or because a new model comes with locks anyway. These dresser drawer locks are bound to be good quality, and don’t require hands-on installation. Other furniture such as a jewelry box (which also requires locks), a bookshelf, an armoire, and desks can personalize a room and maximize secure storage areas and convenient surfaces while keeping all possessions safe.

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