When the weather warms up, many home and business owners focus on improving their properties. The same usually holds true for public areas such as community parks and playgrounds. There are a number of benefits associated with making property improvements such as landscaping.

The Benefits of Landscaping

When homeowners have their surrounding grounds landscaped, it can increase a house’s resale value by 14%. It’s important to note that this can also bring homeowners a solid return on their investment. If a homeowner spends just five percent of their house’s value on landscaping, they may be able to receive up to a 150% return on their investment.

According to University of Washington researchers, commercial offices can also benefit from having a high-quality landscape. This is particularly the case when it comes to rental rates. Commercial offices with quality landscapes tend to charge seven percent more than their counterparts.

Landscaping With Wood Chips

There are a variety of materials that can be used to provide high-quality landscaping. Wood chips, for example, are a popular ground cover. They can be used in plant beds, walkways, and other areas. Since these chips are available in different types of wood, they can provide a welcome color contrast and serve as a landscape design focal point.

Fir barkdust is used the most. After this, hemlock is the second most common choice. Cedar barkdust, however, is recommended for playgrounds. In general, two-to-three inches of barkdust is recommended for landscaping. When using cedar playground chips, a 12-inch layer is recommended.

Learn More About Barkdust Blowing Services

Once your home, playground, or commercial property has its landscape improved, it’s important to schedule regular maintenance services. Since you have wood chips as part of your landscape design, you’ll want to schedule regular barkdust blowing services. While it will depend on the type of bark being used and how well-maintained it is, a layer of new bark dust should be applied every two-to-four years. Once you speak with a specialist at your local barkdust blowing company, you’ll be able to learn more about these and other available landscaping services.

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