As a homeowner, you’ve probably dealt with tree removal or at least considered it at some point. If so, you should know that removing an old tree may just mean cutting it, not taking off the stump. That’s because the roots of the plant are set deep into the soil, so it’s simpler and cheaper to leave the bottom part intact. They can be removed using stump grinders, but that’s an entirely different service.

There are several ways to remove stumps, including using a stump crusher. Sometimes, that’s better because it doesn’t involve taking off the roots of the original tree. The experts just shave the part you can see with the help of machinery like a stump grinder on tracks or a tow behind stump grinder. Therefore, you’ll need to hire people who have years of experience using that kind of equipment.

A towable stump grinder is not the kind of machinery you can rent and start using easily. Any misstep could cause damage to your garden or injure your family. Therefore, it’s much better to employ a professional stump removal company. They’ll have the right employees, certifications, equipment, safety kits, and insurance to do the job correctly. Let’s find out more.

Once you cut down a tree in your home, getting rid of its stump can be challenging, especially if you lack the skills and necessary equipment for such a task. It is even possible to mess up your compound if you decide to uproot the stump yourself. Luckily, there are several professionals to help you with such a challenging task. You will have to pay for their services, but you can be sure of clean work and even help with other burning issues.

A qualified stump removal company has detailed knowledge of such tasks, and its employees can answer all your questions regarding trees and stumps. One of the burning questions that many people have is, can a new tree grow from a stump? It is possible for the tree to re-grow on its stump if the roots were not tampered with when you cut it down. Besides removing stumps, these experts can offer other services. For instance, they clearly understand how to uproot a small tree may be to replant it elsewhere or remove it from your compound. Moreover, such a contractor can guide you on the best way to dig up roots. Finally, they know the steps after tree stump removal to ensure your compound is not left in a mess.

The best way to get stump out of ground is going to depend on the size of the stump. If it’s old and decayed, you might be able to dig it out yourself. If you know the best way to dig up roots, you can get a lighter stump out and discard it for free. However, this isn’t always an option. If the stump is too big or the root system is buried too deep, you might not be able to remove it without specialized equipment. In this case, you should call a stump removal company to do the work for you.

A stump removal company will know the best way to remove old tree stumps from your particular yard. They can get the dead tree out without damaging the live trees around it. Can a cut tree grow back? This will depend on what kind of shape it is in, but generally not. You’re going to get the best results by removing the tree stump from your yard entirely. Then you can plant a new tree in its place if you choose.

If you have ever had to have a tree removed, their prices and services generally do not include having the stumps removed. You can either remove it yourself or you have to hire a stump grinding company to get rid of it for you. If you choose to hire a stump grinding company then you should expect to pay anywhere between 90 and 150 dollars in order to remove a stump that is about 24 inches in diameter. If you decide to rent a stump grinder, they usually are anywhere from 100 to 190 for each day that you have it, of course depending on the size of the machine that you need. It works out to be about the same so if you are needing to remove one or two stumps then price wise you should hire a professional to take care of the tree services. There is a lot of work that goes into removing stubs. Here is how you would do it on your own without the stump grinding company.

    • You would have to start by using a shovel in order to get rid of the rocks from the base of the stump. If you don’t do this, you’ll end up dulling or even damaging the teeth on your cutting wheel.
    • You’ll need a chain saw to do the next part which includes trimming the stump so that it is a lot closer to the ground. Technically, you could start in with the grinder before doing this step but it’ll make it a bit easier if you do.
    • Now it’s time for the grinder: use the lever to position the wheel about three inches above the stump, let it start spinning, and then begin to slowly lower the wheel while swinging it from side to side. Once you are down about four inches then you’ll need to pick up the wheel, move forward, and repeat the process until the whole stump is level. Repeat, little by little, and grind your way through the stump always making sure that the hole is about four inches below the surface.Side note: Never attempt to start using the grinder without a lesson from the company that you are renting from. Have them show you exactly what to do, while following along in the manual. This will ensure that you understand the manual and the machine so if you run into any complications, you’ll know where to look it up.
    • After the hole is dug you’ll need to rake up all of the wood chips that the stump left. The chips won’t go away on their own so this is quite an extensive clean up process.
    • You can then fill the hole with soil. Press it down into the cater to make sure there is a good foundation and less likelihood of sinking. You want the soil surface to be even with the ground around it.
    • If you want to cover the whole area, you can then plant an even layer of grass seed over that top soil and the surrounding areas. It will need to be water and covered with a thick layer of mulch.


And there you have it- how to remove a stump yourself. However, keep in mind that it may sound easy and simple on paper but this is a heavy manual labor job that not a lot of people are willing to attempt- and there’s a reason for that.

The point here isn’t to convince you to do this yourself, it’s actually the opposite. As you can now see, there is a lot of work that goes into this. It takes a lot of work to get this done and it’s not that expensive in comparison, to get a stump grinding company in there to take care of it for you so you might as well do that before you make any mistakes that they have to fix.

That’s the main problem here, there are so many things that could go wrong when trying to remove a stump yourself that it may be a better idea to hire a professional in the first place. This way you’re only paying for the job they normally do and nothing extra, like working around the mistakes you’ve already made.

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