Moving to a new place can be an exciting, new adventure…until you realize that you have to move all of the stuff in your house. Nearly everyone understands how exhausting, irritating, and pain-stakingly long the moving process is. 11.2%, or about 35.1 million people, of Americans have moved in their lifetime. Not only does the process exhaust you mentally, because of the organization and small tasks that are part of the move, but the effects can exhaust you physically if you’re doing the move by yourself. One of the best things that you can do for yourself in the potential of a move is to hire a moving service.

A moving service can do the organization of boxes, lift the heavy objects, and drive the stuff to your new home. There are a few main reasons to hire a moving service. Lifting those heavy boxes and furniture is exhausting, especially when you move in bad weather. Half of all moves occur in the summer, between May and Labor Day. You could save the sweat and potential extreme heat illnesses by hiring employees that are acclimated to the physical exertion during the hot months of the year.

Additionally, the actual moving of the objects in your house in a car can be expensive and irritating. When you have a small vehicle, you will have to use multiple vehicles, make a ton of trips, or rent a larger car/moving van for the entirety of the trip. Though the majority of people that move stay within the same county, around 62%, there is a significant population that moves locally. Thankfully, there are moving companies for both local moves and long distance moves. The long distance moves are the most frustrating for the mover when you have to take your entire house with you. Long distance moving companies can do the work for you to drive your stuff across the county line, state, or country.

Aforementioned, the most beneficial part of hiring moving services, is to save your physical exertion. It is hard on your legs, your back, and nearly impossible with less than a group of people to move the heavier items. This is probably what movers think of the most when hiring a service and it is really the most frustrating part of a move. It is worth it.

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