Water leaks are not always obvious. Leaks potentially damage floors, ceilings, and furniture and cause other problems such as mold. This video shows what to look out for to detect water leakage.

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Signs Of Water Leaks

  1. If there is a subtle leak in the house, there will be an increase in the water bill. A high spike will indicate a serious leak in the home.
  2. Low pressure in the shower is a sign of a leak in a certain area of the house.
  3. Wet concrete slabs indicate slab leak due to a broken pipe underneath the slabs. Hot slabs will also indicate there is hot water leaking under the slab and this will need to be investigated.
  4. A water heater that is always running shows there is hot water leaking from somewhere.
  5. A constantly running meter, despite all the appliances and facets being off indicates a leak.
  6. Check the toilets by pouring food color into the tank. If it flows in the bowl without flushing, there is a leak.

If you detect a leak, call a plumber to fix it as soon as possible to avoid water damage and related problems.


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