St. petersburg heating repair

While about two out of every three homes in America do have air conditioning, there is still some confusion about proper maintenance and upkeep of AC services. Typically, an HVAC company should be onsite about once a year to monitor home cooling systems, and filters should be changed at least three times every year.

Contractors should be able to demonstrate the proper technique for changing air filters; homeowners who keep track of their heating and cooling expenditures should notice a reduction in their annual costs after consistent filter replacement. Sometimes, an increase in a home’s levels of dust is noticeable and can signal the need to clean air conditioning ductwork. Homeowners with several dogs or cats may also wonder where all the hair is going, and unfortunately, air conditioning systems can easily become clogged with pet dander and fur.

Humid homes can also be a signal that AC repairs are needed. Contractors may recommend that homeowners upgrade to energy-efficient appliances; businesses that want to obtain national certification for being “green” may need to replace older heating and cooling systems, but energy savings should help offset the cost of the upgrades.

There is a lot of positive consumer pressure for businesses to “go green,” and ecologically-minded business owners may begin to see that customers are more willing to patronize certified eco-friendly businesses. Homeowners may also prefer to upgrade air conditioning systems, both for potential cost reduction and as an investment in properties they plan to sell or leave to family as an inheritance.

Of course, freestanding air conditioners are still an option for properties that were built before central heating and cooling was common. Surprisingly, however, air conditioning contractors may be able to “retrofit” ductwork into older homes or businesses without damaging architectural details; home or business owners should schedule in-person evaluations for more substantial improvement projects.

Although air conditioning uses a relatively small proportion of electricity — only about 5% of all electricity is used to power home and business AC units — having the ability to escape from harsh weather can provide high levels of comfort and satisfaction among property owners. For small children and older adults, having a fully-operational air conditioning system can be vital; checking AC systems annually before hot weather hits can ensure good health and comfort for the entire family.

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