In the video above, the reporter guides us through a remodeling project of adding gutters. As the siding and roofing were torn off for the remodel, the challenge of water intrusion became evident, with three roof lines converging in an area prone to heavy snowfall. The reporter emphasizes the importance of effective gutter systems to redirect water away from vulnerable spots, highlighting the risks of leaving gutters open-ended, especially in colder climates where it can lead to ice-related issues.

The focus of the project is to ensure proper water drainage from the roof, addressing specific areas with bent pipes and strategically placing downspouts. The reporter highlights the consideration for the longevity of the house, showcasing a downspout placement near a window, even though it may obstruct the view.

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The reporter urges everyone, especially those involved in remodels or new construction, to think ahead about where water will end up and what it might affect.

To sum up, the reporter imparts valuable advice to individuals in the construction industry, stressing the importance of meticulous planning for gutter installations to prevent potential water damage issues. The video highlights the reporter’s problem-solving skills, prompting everyone to consider various gutter choices. Additionally, it serves as a concise guide for effective solutions in gutter installations. Contact your gutter company today if you have a water problem.

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