Can’t seem to get the peanut butter and jelly stains or the mystery liquids that your children have spilled over the years out of your carpets and furniture? You may be cleaning your house all wrong! ServiceMaster Mike Woody is here to share some useful carpet cleaner tips to keep your home looking as gorgeous as ever.

Steam cleaning at home is a viable option, but nothing beats the pros! Spot cleaning and general upkeep can be done with these at-home units, but it is best to hire professionals at least once a year to really dig up all of that dirt and grime that has accumulated.

When steam cleaning your own home, be sure to be mindful of chemicals, especially if you have little ones or pets running around! This is generally time-consuming and has a lot of health implications.

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It is best practice to use a rinse after each cleaning to eliminate any leftover residue.

These machines can be pricey so be sure to follow directions and adhere to the protocol to keep your machine in tip-top shape! Your beautiful living room carpet comes with a warranty, and you want to do your best to protect it for years to come.


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