Most plumbing emergencies may look like a quick fix when they are more complicated than that. Your spirit of DIY adventure may lead you into trying to make repairs, but you could find yourself in a difficult, unforeseen situation. Plumbers have specific tools they use that you may not have in your store, in addition to, well, their skill and experience.

These are some of the signs that you need to call a plumber.

1. There is No Water At All in the House

When this happens, make sure to call your neighbors to confirm whether they also have the same problem. If it is unique to your house, you’ll need to call a plumber immediately. Frozen pipes, backups, significant leaks, and issues with the central supply system may have caused you to lack water.

This implies that the water that should be going into your house is going somewhere else. Call a plumbing service to detect where the leak is coming from and correct the problem.

2. You Have No Hot Water

If you have flowing cold water in your house but no hot water at all, you may have a problem with your water heater. Your plumber should be able to troubleshoot where the problem is and help with water heater maintenance. Sometimes, hot water doesn’t last long enough if your tank is too small.

A plumber from a professional plumbing service will be able to help you determine the tank size your family will need, and may also help you install it.

3. Your Water Heater is ‘Sweating’

A sweating water heater is often the sign of a slow but consistent leak. These leaks come from cracks in the piping or casing and will eventually lead to more significant problems. Catching these early is an added advantage since the repairs will be minimal and affordable.

You should call in a plumbing service to come check out your heater and resolve the sweating problem.

4. You Have Low Water Pressure

Your water is supposed to flow forcefully through your faucets. If this isn’t the case in your house, you may need to call a plumber to examine the inner workings of your piping. This problem is often tied to cracked or broken pipes in your wall or under the foundation of your home.

This could be quite a challenging problem to solve, and you should engage plumbing services to correct it for you.

5. Your Drains Won’t Let Water Through

This is likely to have been caused by clogging. Most clogging situations can be undone with a plunger and a little effort. However, if you’ve been unable to unclog it with a few plunges, or if it keeps happening over and over, it may be time to call a plumber.

Plumbers have special cameras they send deeper into drains and pipes to look for what’s causing the backup. This problem is most commonly caused by hair, grease build-ups, and issues with your septic tank. Engage the services of a plumbing company to help you remedy the issue.

6. You Have Dripping Showers and Faucets

Dripping showers and taps make you pay for an extra 500 gallons of water each year, and that’s if they drip only ten times in a minute. Crazy, right?

A steady drip may be coming from a crack in a pipe or an element that’s been installed incorrectly. Pressure build-ups may also cause it. Such concerns may be too technical for you to handle on your own, so you should consider engaging plumbing services to get the job done right.

7. Your Toilet is Overflowing

If this happens, turn off your water and, if possible, do not turn it back on until a plumber can check it out for you. Sometimes, when the water in your toilet starts to back up on its own, you’re most likely experiencing a clog in the drainpipe itself or your main sewer line.

Final Words

You may be tempted to get your workman gloves on when you notice that water leak under the sink. However, sometimes, it’s advisable to call in a plumber to find the source of the problem. Undetected leaks could cost you up to $165 a year if you don’t address them.

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