How do we prepare for a hurricane

Hurricane season is long gone — but that doesn’t mean you should rest easy! With global warming ever-changing the earth’s climate and weather patterns, some areas like Southwest Florida are experiencing a surge of tornadoes, hurricanes, and otherwise. Because of these storms, houses are damaged due to the high wind, flying debris and rain. Especially now, mother nature never takes a day off. That being said, you should always be preparing for a hurricane or tornado.
Here’s how to prepare for a hurricane in 3 steps:

Protect Your Home’s Infrastructure
One of the easiest ways to prepare for hurricanes is by investing in hurricane storm shutters and windows. Hurricane impact windows and shutters can sustain winds up to 200 miles per hour, which is the equivalent of a category five hurricane.

Get the proper insurance.
While having hurricane impact windows and storm shutters for windows can increase your home’s safety, sometimes even the most hurricane-resistant homes are susceptible to damage and ruin. Make sure your home’s insurance is up-to-date and features both flood and storm damage coverage. Additionally, it helps to inventory your home beforehand, so you are able to be easily compensated for your potential losses.

Practice Hurricane Preparedness and Safety
Preparation for a hurricane means having a set plan. On a free night, sit down with your family and discuss a clear plan of action in case of a hurricane. Go to the store and purchase a two-day supply kit, stocked with water, batteries, flashlights, non-perishable food, blankets, personal hygiene items, and an emergency cell phone with a battery. With that, keep a copy of important documents such as insurance policies. This kind of preparation for a hurricane ensures the safety of your family. While working to protect your home is certainly important, none of this matters if the loved ones inside of your home are unprotected. Having a plan will ensure that everyone and everything is as safe as possible.

Now that you’re prepared for the worst, enjoy the best! There’s no use in living in fear over weather patterns that may or may not happen. That’s the beauty of preparedness: you can rest assured knowing that no matter what, you’ve done what you can to protect yourself and your family.

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