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Switch to LED for Your Commercial Lighting Needs

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Looking to cut costs in your business? Sometimes the solution lies in small changes that save you lots of money over time. Take lighting, for example. By switching the type of bulb you use, you could get more light for less money, saving you significant dollars in the long run.
So, what type of light should a business owner invest in? One recommendation is LED lights. Learn more about why this is the best option for you by reading up below. It is a switch you will be happy you made.
More About Commercial LED Lighting
Commercial LED lighting has made a big impact for business owners all over the country. LED stands for “light emitting diode,” and this type of lighting is known for its heightened efficiency. In fact, when comparing to regular flourescent lighting, LED lights tend to last over twice as long.
LEDs also provide a lot more light than standard halogen bulb

Starting Your Own Auto Body Shop? You’ll Want To Figure Out Your Air Compressor Piping First

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You want to set up your own auto body shop this year. How can you set things up so that you’re saving money, even as you expend energy?

Figuring out your air compressor isn’t a bad place to start. Air compressor piping still eludes many professionals today, due in no small part to their need for constant maintenance. You can end up doing everything right and still lose money if your compressed air fittings aren’t synced properly. Before you take on a new project, consider reading the list below. Your air fittings are in no doubt in need of a critical eye.

A few tweaks and a few notes can save you hundreds of dollars every year.

Defining The Compressed Air System

Let’s start off with the basics. Nearly 70% of all manufacturers today have a compressed air system in place. Energy audits conducted by our very own U.S. Department Of energy (or DOE) suggested over 50% of compressed air systems at small and medium-sized facilities h

5 Signs Your Drains Need to Be Cleaned

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We all need a plumber at some point, and as our homes and plumbing systems age, the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that by 2020 there will be 82,300 more plumbing jobs that need to be filled. One of the things we’ll be hiring all those new plumbers for is drain cleaning. Here’s how to tell if you need yours cleaned out.

You Have Slow Drains

This is the first sign of a problem, and if you have slow drainage you should do something about it right away. If you wait too long, a small problem could easily turn into a big one. If the water mostly does go down, it just takes a long time to get there, then a drain cleaning now might save you a bigger problem down the line.

You Get Lots of Clogs

If you find that your drains keep clogging, even if you can clear them pretty easily, then it might be time for a drain cleaning. Frequent clogs means you probabl

Using the Right Roof Sealant and Repairs

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Many components make a house or commercial building functional and comfortable to be in, from its heating and air conditioning to the windows and doors to the roof over everyone’s heads. A good roof will do more than keep the elements out; it also prevents leaks from getting into the building, and it will also resist intrusions from squirrels or other wildlife. It will even work as part of the climate control and maintain the building’s inner temperature so that the heating and air conditioning are not overworked due to lost warm or hot air. Newly installed roofs will be in great shape and have modern construction methods in place, and a newly built house or other building may have a perfect roof. But if a person owns their home for a long time, that roof may wear out over time, and someone who buys a very old house will face a number of maintenance issues, which are bound to include the roof. Products such as flat roof coating, floor coatings, deck primer, and much more will protect t