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What is Soft Water? Benefits of Removing Hard Water at Home

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About two thirds of the human body is composed of water, and from the time we wake up in the morning water influences everything that we do. From the molecular processes happening in our body to the water we use to shower, brush our teeth, and wash our clothes, water is necessary for life. As such, it’s important to have access to clean water, free from chemicals that can harm our health and wellness.
Nearly 8 in 10 Americans have hard water, meaning that it contains grains of calcium, magnesium, and some other metal cations. Even if your water is filtered by a public treatment facility, your water may still contain more than 100% of the daily recommended amount of magnesium. They also may not filter out viruses and some bacteria, including E. Coli. Water softeners, therefore, remove metals that make water “hard.” Aside from those obvious benefits of removing heavy metals from your water, here are a few

The Importance of Plumbing Services In The United States

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If you are a home owner, finding the right plumber should be one of the first things that you set out to do. Finding the right plumber can be a difficult task, particularly if you live in a smaller or even rural town or area, but finding the right plumber will be hugely instrumental to the upkeep and overall condition of your home. After all, plumbing is a modern convenience that many of us would be bereft without – in fact, the vast majority of us cannot even picture living in a world where easily accessible plumbing is not a reality. But we must take care of our plumbing systems, particularly the ones in our homes, in order to keep that reality possible. Fortunately, finding the right plumber can do just that, making it well worth the search.
Finding the right plumber and plumbing services can also significantly reduce the water that is used in y

Consider Low-VOC Paint To Make Your Home Healthier

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It’s a rite of passage that accompanies moving into any new house: painting. Putting a new coat of paint in a room can liven it up and painting can come with a real sense of accomplishment; like you are putting your stamp on the house and making it feel like a home.
For all the enjoyment that can come from painting, there’s a lot of risk involved too, particularly risk that you can’t necessarily see. A fresh coat of paint may look good and might liven up a room, but without the right product, it could harm your home.
Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) can be irritants during whatever home repair you might be working on. Using those chemicals can ratchet up the number of pollutants in your home very easily and quickly. The number of pollutants can lead to a number of health problems and the exposure to VOCs is much greater inside than outside. Studies

Gutter Cleaning Services Can Keep You from Having to Do the Hard Work

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This always happens.
It is the Fourth of July and instead of relaxing by the lake or the pool you are stuck doing chores around the house. On this day, however, the chore that needs to be addressed in more above, rather than around the house. A freak rainstorm caused some flooding in your basement. The source of the problem, it turns out, was not really the rain but clogged gutters. In typical style your family seems to go from one emergency to the next, so today instead of starting the morning sleeping in you are up on a ladder trying to remedy the problem.
How Often Should I Clean My Gutters in the Summer?
The best answer, of course, is often enough that you do not find yourself in an emergency situation on a holiday off work. Gutter cleaning is never a fun task, but it is even less fun if you also have a water mess to clean up in the basement that is caused by clo