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Dress Up Your Home with Attractive Awnings

Written by Home Improvement Tip on . Posted in Awnings for decks, Motorized patio shade, Roller shutters

Homeowners routinely spend thousands of dollars to improve the aesthetics of their homes. This can include everything from gazebos to fountains to expensive stone facings. For some reason, many homeowners tend to overlook how much outdoor awnings and shades can add to their homes. In fact, outdoor blinds and awnings are not only aesthetically pleasing, but can supply enough shade to help homeowners save considerably on air conditioning costs. Some of the earliest awnings date back to the Colosseum in Ancient Rome, and were used to protect the Roman leaders from the sun. These Ancient Roman awnings were called velarium, and were actually retractable equivalents of the motorized awnings of today. The foremost advantages of retractable sun awnings is that homeowners can extend them for shade, or tuck them away to ca